About Us

The 704 Shop Promise

704 Shop is dedicated to doing its part to bring people together to be part of a broader conversation supporting positive change and culture. We believe that our products and services connect our supporters to each other and to the region and can serve as the fabric through which meaningful connections endure. As such, we strive to bring you the very best in high quality apparel and other branded merchandise with the goal of equating your product satisfaction and enjoyment with your pride in the 704 area code.  



Who Are We?

We're three former UNC Charlotte college roommates with a huge passion for our hometown.  We are bringing the "704" community a brand that everyone can be proud of. Whether you're a born and raised native, transplant new to the area or living elsewhere but grew up here, 704 Shop is built for you.  

Scott Wooten (pictured far right) - Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Scott is the idea man behind 704 Shop.  Focusing on day-to-day operations, he does most product designs, website maintenance, and manages social media interactions.  Scott moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2006 for a job and was instantly enamored with the amount of pride in the city.  He noticed there was a multitude of different apparel brands that the city was very loyal to and it made him wonder why seemingly nothing like this existed in Charlotte.  He set out to change that with the help of Jerri & Chris.  Scott loves collecting sneakers, traveling with his family, and is a full time DJ.

Jerri Shephard (pictured middle) - Jerri grew up Statesville, NC and moved to Charlotte to attend UNC Charlotte for college.  His background is in finance and has worked in the banking industry since 2005 where he is now a sales and risk analyst. Keeping his hands on the pulse of every product that comes in or out of 704 Shop, Jerri oversees inventory management and fulfillment to ensure you get your product swiftly after you order. He also directs, shoots, and edits video and produces motion animation for the company. Jerri enjoys playing many sports including basketball and baseball, spending time with his family and working on video/production.

Christopher Moxley (pictured far left) - Chris was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and is an alum of UNC Charlotte's Belk College of Business and the Business Honors Program. His background is in financial services, where he specialized in data privacy and protection and risk management. Chris also brings an entrepreneurial spirit, as he previously ran his own recording studio. Chris focuses on enhancing business strategy, expanding business relationships, and widening brand visibility. He can be found at many community events spreading the word about who we are and connecting. He is passionate about volunteering, currently serving on the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance's Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, the UNC Charlotte Foundation Board of Directors, the City of Charlotte Business Advisory Committee, and the Greater Steps Scholars Scholarship Fund Alumni Committee. He loves music, personal fitness, traveling, movies, documentaries, has a broad interest in all things fashion, and is a member of MALIK Fraternity, Inc., serving as the National Executive Director.