Fact Friday 282 - The Battle of Cowan's Ford

Fact Friday 282 - The Battle of Cowan's Ford

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The Battle of Cowan’s Ford, Mecklenburg County’s last Revolutionary War battle, was fought on February 1,  1781. The battle took place alongside the Catawba River - and even in the river itself - at Cowan’s Ford, between the much larger 5,000 troop British army, led by Lord Charles Cornwallis and a smaller militia (less than 1,000 men), led by General William Lee Davidson. Davidson, who was killed during the battle, is the namesake of Davidson College. Today, the battlefield lies under the waters of Lake Norman.

Lieutenant General Charles Earl Cornwallis Painted by Thomas Gainsborough, 1783, National Portrait Gallery, London


Battle of Cowan’s Ford. Painted by Dan Nance, 2011. www.dannance.com.

Battle of Cowan’s Ford Painted by David Teague.

For a full run down of the battle and more context, click here and here

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