Fact Friday 435 - Before it was Optimist Hall

Fact Friday 435 - Before it was Optimist Hall

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Optimist Hall, the popular eatery with food stalls and bars representing many different cultures, began its life as Highland Park Mill No. 1, a part of Charlotte's booming textile industry, milling cotton and gingham. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Highland Park Mill No. 1 was the first in North Carolina designed to use electricity, and the nation's third biggest producer of gingham.

The Highland Park Manufacturing Company also owned Mill No. 3 in NoDa, which closed operations in the mid-20th century, and became apartments and offices in the early 2000s. Mill No. 1 merged with Admiration Hosiery and continued to operate as a mill, producing hosiery well into the 21st century.

White Point Paces Partners purchased the property in 2016 and Optimist Hall, the contemporary food hall, was born.


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