Charlotte Area Farmers Markets

Charlotte Area Farmers Markets

Every now and then, we like to spread the word about something going on in our lives that really helps us out. Farmers Markets definitely aren't a secret around Charlotte, however maybe the amount of money you can save by shopping at one of these markets instead of a chain grocery store is. For example, my wife and I save around $100 a week by going to farmers market instead of your typical grocery store. 

Pro Tip: Try and get on newsletters for the vendors and pre-order what you want specifically :)

Here's the short list of Farmers Markets around town:

  1. Josh's Farmers Market (Mooresville) - This is ranked #1 because this is where I personally shop every week. I can meat, seafood, dairy, and all my vegetables all in the same place if you go on Saturdays. Highly recommend checking this one out if you are anywhere near the area. 
  2. Charlotte Regional Farmers Market  - This market is actually owned by the state of North Carolina and is probably the most well known market in the area. They have plenty of grass fed beef, pork, goat milk cheese, fresh flower, and all the produce you need all in one place. 
  3. Cotswold Farmers Market - This farmers market is pretty new, in fact it just opened in 2016 but is only open on Saturdays so you'll need to plan accordingly.
  4. Kings Drive Farmers Market aka Simpson's Produce - Bring cash. They have a nice selection of meats, produce, flowers, and dairy products. Some of their stuff is shipped in so make sure you pay attention.
  5. Atherton Market - Atherton is going through some renovations and changes at the moment but it is our understanding that the Saturday market will continue during the construction phases. 
  6. Matthews Community Farmers Market - You'll buy your goods directly from the local farmers here and most vendors accept credit cards which will save you a trip to the bank. Huge vendor list.
  7. NoDa Farmers Market - This is another Saturday only market with a smaller vendor list but its easy if you live in NoDa or in town. 
  8. Plaza Midwood Farmers Market - All the vendors at this market are organic, screened, and small batch vendors. Definitely get on the newsletter.
  9. Davidson Farmers Market - Another state of North Carolina owned market sourcing from over 35 area farms. If you're looking for a bigger market and you live on the bad side of I-77, this one might be worth checking out. 
  10. Meat & Fish Co. - If you're looking for meat and fish, this is your place. They deliver the highest quality in Charlotte at almost wholesale prices. They even carry caviar if you're real fancy. 


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