704 Shop + Southern Christmas Show

If you aren't familiar with the Southern Christmas Show, here are a few facts to catch you up. The show has been running since 1968, attracts over 100,000 guests each year and covers over 250,000 square feet in 3 different buildings. Its a big deal.

*This the map of all the spaces, each littel sqaure/rectangle represents a vendor. Crazy.

We recently reached out to apply to be one of the vendors at the sprawling show. Originally, we just wanted the traditional 10x10 vendor space in one of the bigger rooms but we certainly didnt expect to be approved for this years show since it was already late September when we applied. The goal was really to get ahead of the game for next year and have enough time to prepare ... well they emailed us back with an approval in less than an hour of sending in our application. Immediately, we were surprised, excited, and overwhelmed all at the same time.

The first thought that came to mind was how we would get enough inventory to last for an event that would last for almost two weeks. That was when we were planning on just doing the 10x10 space. A day after we were approved the show coordinator, Christine, gave us a call and asked us if we would be interested in moving into a space called Olde Towne. 

*Old Towne from the aisle perspective

Olde Towne is an area of 50 shops made to look like an old village during Christmas time. The outside of the shops are made to look like houses, complete with Christmas lights. This is the first area you enter and the highlight of the show. Every guest attending the show has to walk through this area, there's no way to get to anything else without going through it first.

*The outside of a shop in Olde Towne

Of course, there's a much higher cost associated with participating in Olde Towne. Another HUGE cost associated with Olde Towne is that we have to build out the entire inside of the store. That means we have to do flooring, the inside of the walls, lighting, and anything we want to implement to be able to display our products. Obviously, this is a huge undertaking not only monetarily but also in regards to time. On top of all that, we also have to figure out how to have enough inventory to fill roughly 340 square feet. That doesn't sound huge until you start measuring it out.

*Overhead view for everything that gets built inside a shop. This is just an example, ours will look much different.

Ultimately, we decided the risk was worth it and pulled the trigger on getting the space in Olde Towne. In every business there's a turning point that really boosts it into the next level; we're hoping this is ours.

For the past month or so, we have been working really hard on ironing out all the details. Its been crazy so far and will only get more crazy as we approach the show opening. The plans are to document the building of the store everyone can get a behind the scenes look at all the work we put into it. You can expect a separate, or possibly multiple posts as things progress.

In addition, we are launching several new designs for the show. We can't wait to share them with you guys. As always, thanks for the support and we hope to see you at this years Southern Christmas Show. 

Seriously, come see us.

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