Casual Conversations - Katie Levans

Every month, we bring you a video where we "interview" someone awesome in the the Charlotte community. Instead of treating it like a traditional interview, we try to make it more of a conversation so it doesn't feel so awkward. We're still learning the process because obviously we have no background in broadcasting.

If you're not familiar with Katie Levans, you should be. Shes the creative director and senior writer at Charlotte Agenda. More importantly, shes generally an awesome human. We got to know Katie through an email exchange after she covered our brand on Charlotte Five (before Charlotte Agenda existed). In late June, we met up with her to meet in person and thank her for the exposure; the least we could do was buy her a cup of coffee. 

In August, we met back up with Katie again to film this video.



She welcomed us into her home that she shares with her boyfriend (shout out to Nick, he's equally as awesome), 3 cats, and a puppy. Their cat "Weaz" jumped right in our camera back which was awesome; happy to have provided a nice area for his nap.



Here's our conversation ...


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