704 Shop Tourney Challenge 2017

704 Shop Tourney Challenge 2017

  1. Access the 704 Shop Group - Use the below URLs:





            and use the 'Search Groups' box to search for 704 Shop.

       2. Click 'Create a Bracket'

       3. Login (if you already have an ESPN account) or create an account.

       4. Follow the steps to:

                a) Name and create your bracket

                b) Opt-in or out of the Allstate and Acura Sweepstakes

                c) Invite your friends to join via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

                d) Join our group (If you used the URLs above, 704 Shop should already be prefilled)

         5. Complete your bracket! Be sure to click ‘Submit’ to save your picks.

To confirm your bracket is part of the 704 Shop Group: 
Select 'My Bracket' at the top-left and select the bracket that you named in step 4(a). The status should say “Complete” and "704 Shop" should be listed in Groups. 

Let the trash talking begin!


  • One Entry Per User
  • The group is public, not private.
  • This is a ‘locked’ group. Participants will not be able to swap entries into or out of the group once the first game of the tournament starts. At that point, entries submitted to a locked group cannot be removed or moved to another group.
  • Per ESPN, entrants may change their selections as often as they like prior to the scheduled tip-off time of the first game in the second round of the tournament (currently scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2017) after which all selections must be finalized.


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