Skyline Tee + Charlotte Douglas Airport

We just launched our skyline tee this week and this design is something that I worked on for months. I initially started the design back at the end of May or beginning of June but I kept starting the design over. No matter what I did, it always looked "off."  At one point, I even reached out to a professional designer to see how much it would cost for them to do my vision ... yeah, we can't afford professional designers. After starting over too many times to count, I finally got it the way I wanted.  Although the design looks really simple, trying to get Illustrator to do what I wanted was tasking.  Illustrator and I are slowly becoming great friends though, I learned so many new techniques within Illustrator while working on this particular design.  

After all of that, Chris, Jerri, and I all decided that we thought the design was a little too "touristy" for what we're currently putting out. We put the design on the backburner, unsure of if or when we could use it.

Back in September we quietly made a deal with SB&J Enterprises to carry our line of shirts in their store in the Charlotte-Douglas Airport. They found some of our shirts in the Blvd at Southend and were really interested in our Charlotte Crown shirt and the CLT tee. When we were discussing the details of what they were looking for, I mentioned that we had a design that might be perfect for them. The skyline design is something I'm really proud of and I definitely wanted to see it come to life. I emailed them the mock-up and they loved it. Without this deal, that design probably wouldn't be available ... yet. 

We didn't want to announce anything publicly until they actually received their order and you could physically pick up a shirt on your way out or in to Charlotte.  Check out our stuff in On The Square in Concourse C if you're headed to the airport anytime soon.  


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