October Pop Up Shop Schedules

We have been trying to get more involved with providing times that you guys can buy our gear in person.  Its awesome to be able to meet you guys and it definitely makes it easier for you to see the quality of our stuff.  Here's what we have going on this month if you want to try and catch us in person.

  • Front Porch Sunday (10-11-15, 3-7 pm) (Shook Kelly Building, 2151 Hawkins Street) - Front Porch Sunday was supposed to be this Sunday but because the weather has been kinda crappy, ok really crappy lately, it got post-poned until the following Sunday 10-11-15 from 3-7.  Hopefully you guys can make it out to see us, we should have more #LUUUUKKE Shirts, a new Logo Tee, and more hats available by then.  Side note, the Panthers are on a bye that week so there's no excuse to miss it!
  • UNCC Alumni Social (10-15-16, 5:30-7:30 pm) (Draught 601 S. Cedar Street)- We will be hanging out with the Alumni's registering for the bar crawl over the weekend for Homecoming.  We will also be giving away a shirt or two during the raffles. Come hang!
  • South End Wine Fest (10-17-15, 2-6 pm) (Corner of Carson Blvd & Mint St)- If you like drinking wine, this is the event for you!  Tickets are $35 and include 4 hours of wine sampling, festival tasting cup, and access to live music and food trucks.  Plus, we will be there and you can buy our stuff.  Sounds like a win.
  • Neighborhood Living Room (10-18-15, 12-4 pm)(118 E Kingston Ave) - This is an awesome project that Varian Shrum is heading up as part of the Knight Foundation. You can read a detailed write-up about Varian and the event that our friends at the Charlotte Agenda did here. The entire event will run from Thursday 10/15-10/18.  We are only going to be in attendance on Sunday.  The cool part is that its free and there will be a Panthers tailgate before we all head to watch the game.  Come kick it with us!

There's likely going to be a couple of additions to this list so be sure to check back, we promise to update this :)

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