We Made the Cover of Charlotte Magazine

We can't tell you how excited we are to be featured on the cover of the September 2015 issue of Charlotte Magazine!  This month's issue is a battle of two North Carolina cities, Charlotte vs. Raleigh; like that's even a real competition ;).  You can read the introduction article here.

If you're interested in picking up a copy, they are available at your local Harris Teeter, Target, Food Lion, Whole Foods, Publix, Barnes & Noble, Earth Fare, Park Road Books, Bi-Lo, Fresh Market, and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

We had a couple of people tweet or comment us on Instagram about why Raleigh has the acorn on their shirt.  I'll tell you we had no idea either so we looked it up and here's what we found out.

There is an acorn sculpture located in Moore Park that is the official monument of Raleigh's 1992 bicentennial.  Apparently, Raleigh was/is nicknamed "The City of Oaks" and a local businessman named John Watkins came up with the idea.  

The acorn monument is made of copper and is 250 times the size of an actual acorn, designed by artist David Benson. Upon completetion, the acorn made a grand entrance into the city complete with a police escort, mayor, a gang of Harley Davidson's (Raleighs Harley Davidson Owners Group - "HOGS"), and a 7 foot squirrel.  

It's a cool story and all, but I think I'll stick with a crown over an acorn.  How about you?

*Acorn image credit: www.eattheweeds.com 

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