10 Days ... 10 FREE Shirts (UPDATED)

We're giving away a FREE shirt everyday, for 10 days.  You read that right, 10 days, 10 FREE shirts.

The contest will run on Instagram beginning on Monday June 22nd.  If you aren't following us on Instagram make sure you handle that ASAP.  Don't have Instagram?  Wait ... what!?!  Its 2015, get an Instagram and follow us immediately.  You won't regret it!

The rules are simple:

1. Follow @704Shop on Instagram --

2. Repost our contest image to your Instragram Feed

3. Use the #stayclosetohomecontest
4. Tag @704Shop

These two images are of the exact same shirt. The image on the top is how the shirt looks when no light is hitting it and in most daylight scenarios.  The image on the bottom is what the shirt looks like at dusk/dark AND a light source hits it.  Super dope right!?!  Make sure you get those photo's in on Instagram for your chance to win!

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