Fact Friday 99 – CLT + JFK + GW + FDR + DNC = ?

Fact Friday 99 – CLT + JFK + GW + FDR + DNC = ?

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In September 1960, U.S. presidential hopeful Senator John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop in Charlotte. In advance of the November election, he greeted voters with smiles while riding down Tryon Street – one of our city’s most significant and traveled paths. Among others, he was escorted by Mecklenburg County Police Chief George Stephens and North Carolina Governor Luther Hodges.


Kennedy’s visit is part of a long list of notable U.S. presidents who have graced the Queen City with their presence along their respective campaign trails and during their terms in office.


President George Washington visited Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Founder Thomas Polk in the spring of 1791. More than a century later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt celebrated his New Deal economic policies at Charlotte’s American Legion Memorial Stadium. And in 2012, the city played host to the Democratic National Convention, which welcomed President Barack Obama and hundreds of politicians.


In full, the Queen City has been extending its royal treatment to the nation’s leaders for more than 220 years.


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Information taken from:


CharlottesGotALot.com, Abby Blanton, November 2016


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