Fact Friday 387 - Innovation in Charlotte

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The Queen City, has a long history of innovation and technological advancement. From textiles at the turn of the century to banking and finance, and also healthcare and energy, the city has been at the forefront of several industries. Here are a few of the innovative technologies that were founded in or near Charlotte:

1. LendingTree - LendingTree is an online lending platform that was founded in Charlotte in 1996. The company provides a platform for borrowers to connect with multiple lenders and compare loan options. It was one of the first online lending marketplaces, and its success paved the way for other similar platforms.

2. AvidXchange - AvidXchange is a fintech company that provides accounts payable and payment automation solutions to businesses. The company was founded in Charlotte in 2000 and has since grown to become a leader in its industry. AvidXchange has raised over $900 million in funding and has over 1,500 employees.

3. Passport - Passport is a transportation technology company that provides mobile payment and parking solutions to cities and universities. The company was founded in Charlotte in 2010 and has since expanded to several other cities across the United States. Passport has raised over $137 million in funding and has over 350 employees.

4. JouleBug - JouleBug is a mobile app that helps users track and reduce their energy consumption. The app was founded in Charlotte in 2011 and has since won several awards for its innovative approach to sustainability. JouleBug has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has partnerships with several utility companies.

5. SmartSky Networks - SmartSky Networks is a telecommunications company that provides air-to-ground connectivity to the aviation industry. The company was founded in Charlotte in 2011 and has since raised over $300 million in funding. SmartSky Networks is currently rolling out its 4G LTE network across the United States.

These are just a few of the innovative technologies that were founded in or near Charlotte, NC. The city's vibrant tech scene continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, and we can expect to see even more groundbreaking technologies emerge from the Queen City in the years to come.

Also, for those that aren't aware, Charlotte Innovation Week is coming up May 15-19, 2023!

Part of the City of Charlotte's Small Business Month, Charlotte Innovation Week (CIW) is a week-long celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Queen City. Organized by  Innovate Charlotte, a nonprofit with a mission to grow the innovation-led entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Charlotte area, CIW is an opportunity to bring the community together to celebrate the people, purpose, and practice of making meaningful innovation and entrepreneurship happen here every day. We’re bringing together key stakeholders – entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations – within our ecosystem to connect and explore ways to collaborate and build a better Charlotte.

Learn more about the events and register to attend here.  

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