Fact Friday 372 - The Statue in Front of Central Piedmont's Overcash Building

Fact Friday 372 - The Statue in Front of Central Piedmont's Overcash Building

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Standing directly in front of Central Piedmont Community College's (CPCC)  Overcash building (on Central Campus) is a massive bronze angel sculpture which seems to be flying out of hell. Another male figure above the angel seems to also be narrowly escaping the clenches of angry demons. A key point to note is that bronze is extremely durable and can be easily cleaned in the event of tagging or vandalism.

The 12,000 pound piece was sculpted by world renowned artist Greg Wyatt, designed in his unique philosophy of “spiritual realism.” It was installed and dedicated in front of CPCC’s new Overcash Performing Arts building on December 7, 2005.

Greg has created and installed over 100 other statues in some of the world’s most famous places, including; the US Consulate in Italy, the courtyard of the State Department in Washington DC, Shakespeare’s Birthplace in England, Columbia University, Georgetown University, and the Arlington National Cemetery. Some of his pieces have cost well over $2 million just to design.

The CPCC statue was originally commissioned by the Queen’s Table, a group that was formed 20 years ago to donate public art throughout the greater Charlotte region. The group has also donated the Queen Charlotte statue at the Charlotte Douglas Airport, and most recently, those two monuments on the South Tryon bridge crossing over 277.


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"The Story Behind Charlotte's Massive Angel Statue In Front of the CPCC Overcash Building," by Scott Jensen, Charlotte Stories, February 18, 2020. 

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