Fact Friday 363 - "Questions of the Day"

Fact Friday 363 - "Questions of the Day"

Happy Friday!

Did you guys know that back in the 1930's the Charlotte Observer used to run a daily series called "Questions of the Day"? Essentially they were high-brow trivia questions meant to get your brain firing on all cylinders for the day. Pretty cool if you ask me... maybe they should bring these back! What do you guys think? 

This one below is from 1937.



P.S. I only got 3 right before looking at the answers lol. #2, #5, and #9.

Until next week!


Originally featured by the Charlotte Observer Archive account (@ObserverArchive) on Twitter, February 28, 2018. 


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“History is not the past, it is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history.” - James Baldwin

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