Fact Friday 281 - CLT Maps

Fact Friday 281 - CLT Maps

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Maps often had a starring role in Charlotte’s civic boosterism throughout the 20th century. This is a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce ad from 1957.

To read more about the origins of the Charlotte Chamber and the historical movement of its locations, click here

You'll notice from the address at the bottom of the ad, at the time the Charlotte Chamber was located in the building that now houses Ink N' Ivy. 

This promotional map comes from The Charlotte Observer in honor of its first daily issue published January 25, 1869. This 1919 image shows Charlotte’s location along the Eastern Seaboard. Unlike the previous map that promoted Charlotte’s industrial strengths, this map is focused on one thing and one thing only:

Location, location, location.

Charlotte’s central location in the South - as shown on this map - as well as its central location along the entire East Coast, continues to be a major asset for the city, and still plays a role in promotional material one hundred years after this map’s publication.

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