Fact Friday 234 - The Charlotte Sit In Movement

Fact Friday 234 - The Charlotte Sit In Movement

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60 years ago, on February 9, 1960, an estimated 200 Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) students participated in sit-in protests at eight Uptown Charlotte whites-only lunch counters and restaurants. Inspired by the NCA&T students in Greensboro, the JCSU students sat down at  lunch counters at Woolworths, Kress, McLellan’s, Liggetts Drug, and W.T. Grant. At Charlotte's two largest home-grown retailers, students sat down or attempted to sit down at Belk's luncheonette and cafeteria, Ivey's coffee shop, and Tulip Terrace restaurant.

In this oral history clip, hear Charles Jones, civil rights activist and JCSU alumni, recount how he learned about the Greensboro sit-ins, the JCSU student council meeting the day before the protest, and the protest itself:

Charles Jones oral history interview 1, 2005 May 18, by Debbie Howard. UNC Charlotte.

Johnson C. Smith University students at lunch counter sit-in, 1960. From “Remembering Charlotte” by Ryan L. Sumner, page 118.


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Information taken from: 

UNC Charlotte Special Collections on Instagram - @unccspeccoll 

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