Fact Friday 222 - Where did the "Gold" in #GoldStandard Come From?

Fact Friday 222 - Where did the "Gold" in #GoldStandard Come From?

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The one and only Mike Hill, outspoken and social media savvy Athletic Director for UNC Charlotte, single-handedly coined the mantra "Gold Standard" as it relates to the standard of excellence he expects of the various athletic programs within his purview. And he was the charging force in getting Niner Nation to adopt it as a viral hashtag for all things good University-related. But where did that "gold" in the school's colors come from? And for that matter, the green and white, too??

Niner Nation has proudly worn the UNCC green, gold, & white for decades. 

In 1965, @unccharlotte students voted in a referendum making green and white the new colors for the new university. Green and white beat out three other color combinations in the referendum, including Charlotte College’s colors of Carolina blue and white. In 1970, students voted in favor of adding gold to the school’s colors, creating the familiar color palette we all know and love today.

Fun fact: The official pantone for UNC Charlotte Green is PMS 349c. 


To read more about the history of UNC Charlotte branding, check out Fact Friday 211 - Evolution of the UNC Charlotte Logos. 


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Information taken from: 

UNC Charlotte Special Collections on Instagram: @unccspeccoll


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