Fact Friday 201 - Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas

Fact Friday 201 - Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas

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    Memorial Stadium, 1966

    Above is an aerial photo of Memorial Stadium and Park Center/Grady Cole Center (top center) in Charlotte, NC as they looked when the stadium was packed with Shrine Bowl fans. The National Guard Armory stood originally where The Park Center/Grady Cole Center now stands. It burned in about 1954. The American Legion Memorial Stadium was completed in 1937 and seated 15,386. It has been the venue for many college and high school football games over the years, as well as many special events. The Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas was the area's original high school all star football game, featuring North and South Carolina Seniors. For years it was played annually at the stadium to benefit the Greenville, S.C. Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, (one of 17 in the U.S.). This top sports attraction was established in 1937 and produced annually the largest contribution to any Shriners Hospital in the U.S. The game was sponsored by the Carolinas Omar, Hejaz, Sudan, and Oasis Temples. 


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    https://charlottesports.omeka.net, "Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas" 

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