Fact Friday 122 - 9 Haunted Locations in Charlotte

    1. Queen's University - There are tons of ghost stories at every college right? Queen's University is said to have multiple ghosts in multiple locations throughout the campus. Read about some of the stories in great detail here. 
    2. Manor Theatre - The Manor Theatre was constructed in 1947 as one large theatre and was split into two smaller theaters later. According to a psychic, there are two ghosts that haunt the Myers Park location. In theater number 1, the spirit is has a negative vibe and in theater number 2, the spirit has a positive vibe. Both ghosts predominantly occupy the upstairs areas of the theater and there are stories of sweeping sounds and high heels going up and down the stairs. You can read a full write up here.  
    3. The Cajun Queen- The Cajun Queen was originally one of Elizabeth's oldest homes that was converted into a restaurant and jazz club. It is said to be haunted by the former owner and there are conflicted stories to whether she is mad that her home is now a restaurant or if she just wants a drink.  (Image Credit: Charlotterestauranttraffic.com)
    4. McGlohon Theatre - Originally a church that was converted into a theater in 1980, this place is said to be haunted by original church members and can be heard walking and singing.
    5. The Dunhill Hotel - Probably one of Charlotte's more popular ghost stories is of "Dusty" who haunts the back stairwell and elevator area of the Dunhill Hotel on N. Tryon Street. Dusty is said to be a friendly ghost and not malicious at all, however very few guests ever actually encounter the spirit. (Image Credit: hotelplanner.com)
    6. First Presbyterian Church - The church was founded in 1821 and is still said to be haunted by "Ambrose", an african-american sexton during the Civil War. Ambrose is also a friendly ghost who a few church members say he lingers in the stairwells and will occasionally tinkly a chandelier or explode a light bulb. It's been several years since anyone has reported seeing Ambrose, however.
    7. The Hanging Tree - To this day, a tree still stands that was used to hang slaves and other criminals in 4th Ward. If you look closely at the main branch you can see where the ropes have permanently altered the trees growth pattern. Residences have been constructed around the tree and there are reports of both screams and ropes creaking coming from the tree. The address for the tree is 317 Settlers Lane if you want to check it out for yourself. (Editors note: I've been to this location and this is DEFINITELY the most creepy place in Charlotte (Image Credit: Thequeenscrown.org)
    8. The Bootleggers House - This real life haunted house is now also located in 4th Ward, but was originally constructed in 2nd Ward in the "Little Brooklyn" neighborhood. In the 1920's the house became a bootlegger house during Prohibition complete with a secret door to hide all the booze. During the '70's, most of Little Brooklyn was being torn down to make way for government buildings, but this home was purchased for $50 and moved to 4th Ward where is currently still stands. The home is said to be haunted by the original owner and the ghost is mostly just mischievous. The new home owners have claimed to have seen wet footprints going up and down the stairs, faucets being turned on in the middle of the night, and a chair being balanced perfectly on only 2 legs.  (Image Credit: cltfive.com)
    9. The Carolina Theater- Perhaps the most well known haunted location in Charlotte is the Carolina Theater, which has been closed for almost 40 years now. It's currently being renovated but who knows if the 3 ghosts that are said to haunt the joint will remain when renovations are completed. (Editors note: I feel like this would only upset these spirits and make it worse?) (Image Credit: Charlotteobserver.com)