Fact Friday 9 - Charlotte Liberty Walk

Fact Friday 9 - Charlotte Liberty Walk

Hi all! Chris here. While I don’t proclaim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, its probably obvious by now that I absolutely love history as a subject.

When thinking of the Revolutionary War as it pertains to happenings in the South, most people think of the state of Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. But fear not, Charlotteans, as you can #stayclosetohome and partake in some truly unique, dare I say “revolutionary,” experiences. Ever wonder why our soccer team is called the Charlotte Independence? Did you know that Charlotte may have declared its independence from Great Britain a full year before the nation did? Such a cool fact would not be as cool if it were not shrouded in mystery and controversy.

For the benefit of locals, tourists, and anyone interested, local citizens, municipal leaders, corporate partners and the Mecklenburg Historical Association have come together to produce the Charlotte Liberty Walk highlighting some of the most critical events and landmarks of the American Revolution. The ‘Walk’ has a dedicated website with a pretty cool interactive map complete with facts and illustrations. The travel section of about.com also highlights the ‘Walk’, gives walking instructions and provides additional context, most of which I did not know and found to be pretty phenomenal. Not a fan of either of these sites? Simply Google ‘Charlotte Liberty Walk’ and you’ll get some other links that provide some of the same info in a different format. The ‘Walk’ even has page on Facebook!

Check out the info, walk the tour, and show off in front of friends when you’re able to demonstrate that you know more about the Queen City than they do.  Until next week, stay cool Charlotte!

 P.S. You can pick up some pretty awesome publications on this topic at the gift shop at Historic Latta Plantation.



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The Captain James Jack silhouette graces the Charlotte Liberty Walk in uptown Charlotte.

Credit: Journal of the American Revolution

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