Fact Friday 7 - CLT Skyline

Fact Friday 7 - CLT Skyline

Quick poll. When you think of the uptown Charlotte skyline, which buildings immediately come to mind?

For me, its the Bank of America (BofA) Corporate Center, which dominates the Square (the intersection of Trade and Tryon St.) and the Duke Energy Center, with its unique exterior and nightly illumination that can be seen for miles.

But before these became the major players uptown, there were other big boys on the block. Did you know that the building known today as the Bank of America Plaza building (with the "II Grande Disco" sculpture out front) was the tallest building not just in the city, but in all of North Carolina, from 1974 to 1988? At the time, NationsBank was at the helm. It wasn't until what is known today as One Wells Fargo Center was constructed in 1988 less than a third of mile to the southwest did the Plaza building meet its match. Due to its uncanny resemblance, the structure, initially called One First Union Center and later One Wachovia Center, was affectionately referred to as the "juke box" by locals and was the tallest building in the city from 1988 to 1992 when the BofA Corporate Center became king.

Check out some the stats on these and other buildings in uptown here. The skyline continues to evolve and expand. It's only a matter of time before there's a new #1! Until next week, stay cool Charlotte!  

 ~ Chris.

*Bank of America Plaza Building (credit: Trinity Partners)

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