Our Supima® Collection will release on Friday 6.4.21 at 8 am online and 11 am in-store. 

Supima Cotton is American Grown by licensed farmers that is widely known as the finest cotton in the entire world. Here's what you need to know about Supima Cotton:

  • Supima Cotton's main differentiator is it's extra-long staple fibers. Most cotton fibers measure 1-inch in length, but Supima averages 1.5-inches resulting in premium properties such as strength, softness, and color retention
  • Sipima is twice as strong as regular cotton. The longer fibers resist pulling breaking, and tearing making tee's keep their form longer.
  • The longer length in fibers also results in less fiber ends which gives the end product a much smoother surface that naturally resists pilling. This also means these tee's will only get softer with time.
  • Because Supima's fibers are finer, they absorb dye better and penetrate deeper which keeps your tee's color brilliant wash after wash
  • Supima cotton is enhanced through use and wear, meaning your tee will only get better with time