When we started 704 Shop, we never envisioned that it would grow into the brand that it is today. Not because we were selling ourselves short or lack for ambition, but because we've literally just been creating the next version of 704 Shop as we go. Every day. Every month. Every year. You can say quite literally our vision for what 704 Shop could be has evolved over time. From day one, we've created a brand that residents and natives of the Charlotte region could be proud of ... a brand that pushed Charlotte culture forward. Although the global vision for our brand hasn't changed since we started, we've constantly been raising the bar. From service, to speed, to products ... everything has been considered. Partly because our customers have pushed us, but mostly because we pushed ourselves so that we can bring you nothing but top notch quality and attention to detail. 

As we started our most recent phase of product development, where we have vastly more control over the products we bring you, we quickly decided we needed a way to differentiate these products and everything associated with them. The manufacturing processes used in the items are much more hands on, much more custom, and much more unique. When considering a name for this line we were torn between a word that describes the products or do we choose a word that captures the work that goes into the products? We went with the latter. 

                                     Hence: Process™

Process™ is our latest creation. Each piece is custom designed to satisfy the fashion savvy consumer looking for premium products focused on comfort and durability. Items in this line represent the evolution of design, quality, inspiration, and material. Process™ is a celebration; our nod to the creator in us & in you. 

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