We've spent an unimaginable amount of time trying to problem solve the COVID-19 situation in regards to our business and how we can help our local community. 704 Shop was built on community and we do our absolute best to take every opportunity to give back locally. It is extremely important to us that any funds we raise will go to the people that need it the most instead of a huge fund that will ultimately get watered down. 

Full Transparency:

We wanted to make this a project that would benefit small businesses in some way because we deeply understand the hurdles all small businesses are facing right now. We also understand that there will be many that don't make it and it is devastating to know that. Furthermore, we also know that there's no fair way to quantify who should be eligible to receive funds and our worry is that the funds we raise wouldn't actually be enough to save someone's business. 

After careful consideration, and many many phone conversations to understand logistics etc, we have partnered up with two separate charities, Convoy of Hope and the UNC-Charlotte Emergency Relief Fund. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be evenly distributed between these two funds and will directly benefit Charlotteans that need help the most. 

Ultimately, we want the money to go as far as possible ... for example $500 probably wouldn't save someone's business but $500 could change everything for a low-income family not sure how to navigate this new world we're living in.

Our Partners:

Convoy of Hope:

This project is a collaboration between the Steve Smith Family Foundation, Jonathan and Natalie Stewart, and Elevation Outreach to bring critical emergency supplies to low-income families and the elderly right here in Charlotte. This fund will be providing an entire truck load of relief supplies that include emergency food, water, and medical suppliest that will go to the most vulnerable members of Charlotte who need it most. 

UNC-Charlotte Emergency Relief Fund:

This fund helps students by providing financial support when they need assistance with unexpected, unforeseen and unavoidable emergency expenses, including pandemics. Proveeds will help with affording housing, transportation, food, medical expenses, and access to necessary resources needed for remote learning. 

These shirts are available now as a pre-order. Please understand that our supply chain is dealing with the same issues as the rest of the world so timing might be a bit longer than what you may have experienced with some of our other pre-orders in the past. We will tenatively begin shipping orders for this project on 4/26 and per usual, they will be fulfilled in the order they are recieved. 

In closing, please make sure you are taking care of your family first. If you can afford to help support us and these charities, we would GREATLY appreciate it. Every sale counts for us right now, including this one. 


Please Read Carefully:

This item is currently available for pre-order. Orders containing this product will tentatively begin shipping on 4/26/2020 but please have an understanding that our supply chain is also facing challenges in regards to what capacity they have to run their businesses as well. As such, if you order items other than the presale tees, please order them separately so we can ship them to you separately. 


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